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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Ute Noll

Director, On Photography & Illustration, Stuttgart, Germany
Director, Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, Germany
Photo Director, DU, Zürich, Switzerland
Since 2007, Ute Noll is the director of the agency, On Photography & Illlustration, located in Stuttgart, Germany. She develops concepts for art and editorial projects. Ms. Noll works also as an internationally photo director, author, curator and university lecturer. Since 2013, Ms. Noll holds the permanent position of photo director of the prestigious Swiss magazine, DU, dedicated to culture, art and modern life and founded in 1941. Since its beginning in 2004, she is a team-curator of the Darmstädter Photography Days, an international photo festival. For many years she has been teaching at the University Of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. She writes for photo magazines such as Photonews, Photo International and EIKON. In her gallery, Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, Ms. Noll exhibits international contemporary photographers and discoveries from portfolio reviews such as Susan Barnett, Françoise and Daniel Cartier, Max de Esteban, Kyohei Abe, Nancy Newberry, Kurt Tong, Cynthia Greig, Nick Kline and others.

Ms. Noll has a german M.A. in Sociology and in addition studied photography and videography in the USA. Her work as a curator, as well as her book and magazine publications, concentrate primarily on exeptional art and documentary photography that often contain social or cultural themes tied to conceptional strength and corresponding aesthetics. She can offer advice on how to complete or improve works in progress as well as suggestions on presenting finished projects. Ideally, photographers should present a portfolio of actual prints, as opposed to books or screen-based presentations. Ms. Noll is not interested in not seeing commercial or fashion or nude work.


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