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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

David Oresick

Executive Director
Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
David Oresick is a curator, artist, and the Executive Director of Silver Eye Center for Photography, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Silver Eye is a non-profit gallery dedicated to promoting contemporary fine-art photography and related media, and to inform, engage, and inspire diverse audiences and communities. Central to its mission is the creation of innovative exhibitions and programs that bring forward issues, ideas, and perspectives relevant to our times. Silver Eye is also committed to directly supporting today's artists through fellowships, professional development, and other opportunities for creative and professional growth.

David holds an MFA from Columbia College Chicago and a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He was a co-founder of the video-art screening series Video Playlist at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and was the Manager and an exhibitions committee member at Light Work in Syracuse, New York. He has curated and helped to organize several exhibitions including
Close to Home and A World Imagined, as well as screenings including Heartaches & Holy Rites, and Mixtapes & Mashups.

David is interested in viewing cohesive and developed projects that may be appropriate for Silver Eye exhibitions over the next two years. David is interested in fine-art and documentary photography that is conceptually and socially driven. David welcomes portfolios from a variety of processes, including video, new media, and mixed media.


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