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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Harris Fogel

Curator & Director
Sol Mednick Gallery of Photography & Gallery 1401 of Photography, The University of the Arts, Springfield, PA
Harris Fogel is an Associate Professor of Photography and Director and Curator of the Sol Mednick Gallery and Gallery 1401, operated and housed in the Photography program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Formerly Fogel was the Chair of the Media Arts Department (Photo/Film/Animation), Coordinator, and Program Director of the Photography Program.

The Sol Mednick Gallery was founded in 1978 by then-Department Chair Ray Metzker, and is named after the founder of the University's Photography Program, Sol Mednick. It is the only endowed gallery for the exhibition of contemporary photography in Philadelphia and is celebrating its 37th anniversary. The Sol Mednick Gallery received the prestigious Photo Review Award for service to photography. Fogel has directed the Sol Mednick Gallery since 1997 and Gallery 1401 since 1999. Gallery 1401 was founded by Fogel and is celebrating its 17th anniversary.

Fogel is reviewing work for possible exhibition at the Sol Mednick Gallery and Gallery 1401, which offer a year-round schedule of contemporary exhibitions of photography. He prefers to view work that is fully realized and ready for exhibition. Fogel states, “My dogma is that I’m dogmatically non-dogmatic, and as a result we exhibit a wide-range of work, from established to emerging artists, nationally and internationally”. He would like to remind artists that while the 'Super-Size' generation of prints are wonderful, he would rather exhibit more work rather than support FedEx or UPS, so keep that in mind when loading up that printer with 44-inch rolls of paper!" Fogel has participated as a reviewer in Poland and Bulgaria with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and Bulgaria, under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State.


Session Two
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