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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Mark Sink

The Month of Photography Denver, Denver, CO, USA
Mark Sink is a curator and festival director. He represents and curates local and international cutting-edge fine art photography. Mr. Sink is founder and director of MoP (Month of Photography) in Denver Colorado, a biennial, coordinating over a hundred eighty regional galleries, museums and art spaces to celebrate photography. A project of note within MoP is the Big Picture, an international street art exchange pasting photography in the open air and gallery spaces in over fifty cities worldwide.

Mr. Sink co-founded the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and opened his own photography gallery space, Gallery Sink. Now through Gallery Sink Consulting, Mark is independently curating a wide range of emerging talent many found at FotoFest, SPE and Photolucida, placing them with internationally recognized photographers into various galleries and museum exhibitions.

Mr. Sink is always on the search for unique talent for his many ongoing curatorial projects, exhibitions and collection placements. Discovered directly from FotoFest Meeting Place, Mark has exhibited work in the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and RedLine and dozens of other private galleries during He is looking for work that has craft and complete thought, in series and that is ready for presentation in a professional gallery or museum setting. He is currently interested in work that deals with “the reality of fiction in our society “and work that deals with the changing climate. Mark is not interested at this time in traditional romantic landscape and or third world travel photography.


Session Two
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