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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Ellen S. Harris

Collector, Independent Curator, Adviser
New York, NY, USA
Ellen Harris was executive director of the Aperture Foundation from 2002 – 07, where she oversaw Aperture magazine, book publishing, exhibitions, and education programs as well as the overall management of the organization. Prior to arriving at Aperture, she was the director of the Montclair Art Museum, with its noteworthy collection of American and Native American art. She began MAM’s collection of American photography and since then has continued to actively collect for herself, mostly work by younger contemporary artists.

Ms. Harris was formerly deputy director of the Museum of Modern Art, director of exhibitions at Pratt Institute, and art critic for Art News, as well as a contributor to other art publications. Her degrees are from Yale and NYU in art history and business. She can be helpful to artists just beginning to develop wider audiences for their work, as well as to those ready to step up onto a regional or national stage. She is especially interested in conceptual, abstract, figurative, still life, and landscape photography, less so in fashion, advertising, and photojournalism. Ms. Harris is happy to give input on portfolio selection and presentation, understanding the competitive landscape for art photography, and, for extraordinary new work, will suggest outlets in alternative spaces, museums, publications, and commercial galleries.


Session Three
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