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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Anne Havinga

Senior Photography Curator
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
Anne Havinga is the senior photography curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she has worked for over twenty-five years. She, in conjunction with several colleagues, is responsible for her Museum’s photography program. Anne has organized many photography exhibitions on a variety of topics ranging from early photography to contemporary work.

Anne is interested in reviewing art photography. She is interested in abstract photography, portraiture, street photography, landscape, still life, and documentary photography. She will be looking for work that is visually powerful and conceptually rich. She is also interested in work that investigates the medium’s process and materials, and that explores themes related to time and memory. She is less keen on commercial photography.

Anne can offer advice on assessing one’s photography and promoting it to museums.


Session Three
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