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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Alejandro Malo

ZoneZero, Mexico City, Mexico
Alejandro Malo is the current Director of ZoneZero, oldest ongoing photography e-zine online, founded in 1995 by Pedro Meyer. Mr. Malo also acts as Technology Director for Fundación Pedro Meyer, where he has worked since 2009, and oversees its Online Education Program.

Mr. Malo has taken part in various cultural projects since 1993, both in editorial and technology positions; has collaborated in print and electronic publications, and given workshops and conferences on creative writing, storytelling, photography and technology. He participated in Training for Trainers facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling and by World Press Photo, was part of the team that developed the Storytelling & New Media Diploma in collaboration with World Press Photo, head of the team that developed the latest database system for Pedro Meyer’s Archive (with close to 400,000 registered items) and also head of the team that launched the latest version of ZoneZero in 2014.

Mr. Malo is interested in seeing photographic projects that challenge the boundaries, cross pollinate with technology, present new trends on photographic language’s use and are well suited to be presented online. He is not interested in viewing commercial photography.


Session Three
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