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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Maggie Blanchard

Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Maggie Blanchard is Director of Twin Palms Publishers. For over thirty years Twin Palms has published exceptional photography and art books with an emphasis on monographs. Each beautifully made book honors the original work while creating an object that has a life of its own. Formerly, Maggie was Co-Director of Center. Her experience at Center gave her the opportunity to view thousands of portfolios and gain familiarity with the network of industry professionals. Maggie is also an educator and co-founder of the Santa Fe Women in Photography.

As well as providing critique, Maggie can offer valuable insight to book publishing and an introduction to Twin Palms. Maggie would like to look at developed, cohesive bodies of work. She is particularly interested in photographs that challenge social norms.


Session Four
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