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FotoFest 2016 Biennial

FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Meeting Place Reviewers

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, PhD

Chief Curator
The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger is the Chief Curator at The Finnish Museum of Photography, which is the leading museum of photography in Finland with a remarkable collection. The museum was founded 1969. Along with the main exhibitions – exhibiting mostly contemporary photographic art – Rastenberger is responsible for the gallery’s program for the emerging photographers. Her career among photography has included curating international contemporary lens based art exhibitions (for example for the Hamburg Triennial of Photography and the Moscow Biennale), portfolio reviews on many countries, writing articles for several international publications. She is also a artistic director and co-founder of ‘The Festival of Political Photography’ (, which examines ways of influencing with photographs and seeks to define what the word ”political” means in connection to photography.

Rastenberger is an expert in Nordic contemporary photographic art. She is a popular guest lecturer in several universities and art institutions in Europe. Previously Rastenberger has worked as a researcher in the Academy of Finland's research project for five years, as an educational curator at The Helsinki Art Museum and as the editor-in-chief of KUVA – the magazine of visual culture.

Rastenberger can offer possibilities for solo or group exhibitions to photographers with the most interesting body of work. A number of photographers exhibited by The Finnish Museum of Photography’s gallery program and Rastenberger’s other international curatorial activities were discovered at portfolio reviews. She can also offer good contacts to Northern Europe’s photography art scene. She can offer an insightful feedback of vision and editing of photography series.

Rastenberger is interested in contemporary photographic art and lens based art, which has strong vision in conceptual and/or aesthetic approach. Documentary projects are also in her focus. She is interested in seeing both complete series and the work in process. She is not particularly interested in commercial or fashion photography or the classic black and white nude photography.


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