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Evelyn Messinger and Kim Spencer (USA)

This Planet

THIS PLANET is a collection of many of the best videos exploring life in the Anthropocene—this moment in time when human activity has become the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

We search the web for compelling videos on climate realities and energy alternatives, then amplify their message on social media and broadcast television. THIS PLANET connects people to real-life stories they care about: animals in distress, monster storms, human drama, cool new technologies, even celebrities and cultural events. Rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel with original videos that echo other efforts, we are spreading the word of what’s already happening in the field. The short films selected have been produced by talented videographers from around the world. Combining striking visuals with a planetary narrative, they tell amazing stories of survival and renewal.

We are documentary producers and journalists who have worked for thirty years reporting on international issues, from environmental alternatives to global conflicts. Together we co-founded Internews, an NGO now working in forty countries to train independent media producers. We also launched Link TV, a national satellite channel presenting diverse global perspectives. Because we are parents, too, THIS PLANET merges our personal commitment to keeping climate awareness and energy alternatives in the news with a vital interest in sustaining a healthy planet for the generations to come.

Evelyn Messinger and Kim Spencer


Evelyn Messinger is executive director of Internews Interactive, anon-profit organization pioneering in citizen engagement media that connects Americans to their leaders, each other, and the world. She is a news producer and editor specializing in crossplatform and convergent media productions, including the Google Hangout project Real Dialogues, the Digital Citizen 2012 project that connected people using social and mobile applications to television programming of the 2012 campaign, and the websites RedBlueUS and YVote 04. Messinger was the founding director of the Electronic Media Program for the Soros Foundation, as well as executive director and co-founder of Internews, supporting independent media and access to quality information worldwide.

In addition, she was the co-creator of two-way satellite television programs linking the United States and the Soviet Union. Her credits include news and documentary programs for the BBC, France 2, PBS,CBS News, CNN, and other news outlets. She produced the metanews series Global Pulse, the online news literacy application Know the News, and a series of programs for the satellite channel LinkTV connecting Americans to Muslim intellectuals and journalists following the September 11 attacks. Today she is the producer of This Planet, a television and Internet series on climate change and energy alternatives.

Kim Spencer is senior programming executive of KCET Link Media Group, based in Burbank, California. A producer of more than sixty documentaries and news specials, he helped pioneer satellite “spacebridges” between the United States and the Soviet Union, including the Emmy Award-winning series Capital to Capital, which comprised live programs linking the U.S. Congress with the USSR Supreme Soviet. He was a co-founder in 1982 of Internews Network,which now supports independent media in forty countries.

Spencer was coordinating producer at the launch of ABC News Prime Time Live in 1989, producing reports from around the world, including the first network profile of photographer Sebastião Salgado. He co-developed the innovative Vis à Vis series of transcontinental video dialogues linking people “face to face” from their homes and workplaces. In 1999, Spencer founded and was the first president of Link TV, the satellite network devoted to global affairs. He created the Peabody Award-winning daily news program Mosaic: World News from the Middle East, the documentary series Bridge to Iran, and the digital media platform He is currently executive producer of KCET Link’s weekly investigative series Earth Focus, the longest-running environmental program on American television.

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